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Whitney also coaches parents on how to lead their families in praye...Listen to the series Are your spending habits becoming a debt habit?Christian financial expert Ron Blue shares four biblical principles for building a healthy financial foundation for your family.

He also works with Provident Films developing marketing and Bible study resources for churches in conjunction with Sherwood movies.Author Melissa Spoelstra reminds parents they are not their children's report card, and if they measure their parenting by their children's behavior it will lead to disappointment and discouragement. Listen to the series Terence Chatmon's wife, Wanda, brought up her concern that their children weren't prepared to defend their faith after high school.So Chatmon sought to develop a plan to help his family come to love and serve Christ always but in generations to come.He served as a minister to college students in Marietta, GA for four years, then married his wife, Christina, and moved to Albany, GA where he served as associate pastor of media at Sherwood Baptist Church.In 2003, he and his brother, Stephen, founded Sherwood Pictures and began writing, producing, acting, a …There's more to the holidays than just baking cookies and shopping.

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To help with this, brothers Stephen and Alex Kendrick, best known for their films, “Courageous” and “Fireproof”, talk to parents about their book, “The Love Dare for Parents,” a 40-day dare to parents to love their kids.

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