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We start this history of fashion m 1850 - and call it "modern” - for several reasons.During this period, mechanized production, including power looms and the widespread use of the sewing machine, transformed the manufacture of clothing.Fashion writers also refer to the past in decade style, associating particular ' looks” with these ten-year periods.

General readers, students, anyone interested in the history and dynamics of fashion will discover more in-depth information about fashion movements and “moments” that may be somewhat familiar; learn about designers who were prominent in their own time but have not received their due from history; and will find also some long-standing myths - Poiret eliminated the corset! Readers will note the growth of the fashionable world over time.Martin, David Roberts, Surachai Saengsuwan, and Felix Xie.Finally, during our years of teaching, we have had the pleasure of working with many dedicated and persistent students whose interesting research has deepened our appreciation for and knowledge of the history of fashion.It also exposes patterns in the way fashions rise and fall, acknowledging the interlinked roles of designers, celebrities, the media, even exhibitions - ranging from the great international expositions of the late 19th and early 20th centuries to major museum shows of contemporary designers.While celebrity culture is often discussed as a recent social trend, tor example attributing the popularity of early 2000s “Boho-chic” to actress Sienna Miller, the same mechanism was well in place in the late 19th century, such as Princess Alexandras contribution to the acceptance of tailored ensembles for women.

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