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Although angiokeratoma of the scrotum is often considered as harmless condition, it has the potential to cause considerable worry and distress to patients.

Bowenoid papulosis usually occurs in young sexually active individuals.

Bowenoid papulosis appear as single or multiple, small red, brown to flesh-colored bumps with flat or rough surface.

Lesion occurs most commonly on shaft of penis, although it can occur anywhere around ano-genital areas.

Only few cases of syringoma of the penis are documented in English literature.

They are commonly seen in men with uncircumcised penis.

They are usually asymptomatic and may persist throughout the life.

No treatment is necessary except for cosmetic purpose.

Fordyce spots are extremely common skin lesion occurring in around 80% to 95% of the total population.

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Genital warts initially starts with small, smooth or rough, flesh-colored bump and gradually increase in number and size which may be arrange in a groups resembling cauliflower appearance.

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