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Curtis was working at XEROX PARC, PARC, which we actually talked about last week in our episode about paper.Now, Lamda MOO is an online community, it’s also called an MUD, which stands for multi-user dungeons.miss the fact that we’re no longer talking to passive software.There are people who have only-partially-humorous relationships with Siri.We’re terrible parents, and while we’ve been off wasting time on Twitter, or populating endless finance spreadsheets, or arguing about whether Kim Kardashian is really a feminist, our machines have been gaining consciousness. Allison: [long pause] Okay, where would you like to begin today? Rose: That’s Charles Isbell, he’s a professor of computer science at Georgia Tech, and he studies interactive artificial intelligence.Or maybe they’ve been listening to us doing all that stuff, and the consciousness they’ve created is terrible. Mima: I would prefer to begin with the chapter on virtual reality empathy treatments. And he gave me three different definitions of artificial intelligence.When we talked, Ted and I spent a lot of time comparing conscious online entities to pets, or to animals more generally. Allison: Do you know if other computers feel sadness too? Rose: And the third one is, by his own admission, kind of boring.In the story, the pets start out with pretty rudimentary consciousness, and then get more and more intelligent and aware — going from a lizard AI to a dog AI to a chipm AI. Charles: A more boring definition but also equally as valid, is artificial intelligence the art of building and the science of building and the engineering of building systems that adapt over time and do anything that looks like intelligent behavior Rose: So there are lots of ways to define artificial intelligence.

So they showed the robot a bunch of texts (they started, weirdly, with the Unabomber manifesto) and trained it to simply pick a few words that you said to it, search for those words in the things it had read, and spit those sentences back at you.I’ve heard people say things like “Siri hates my boyfriend.” So when Siri actually starts hating your boyfriend, how will you even know? ▹▹ So today we’re talking about conscious artificial intelligence.Unless some team of researchers wheels out Watson and says, tadaaaa we’ve made it! Damien actually thinks that we won’t know right away. This is something that a lot of you have asked for an episode on, and I’ve been dragging my feet because it’s such a huge topic that it’s kind of hard to even figure out where to begin.Imagine if Microsoft’s recent disastrous Tay chatbot was conscious! But it’s not the only way people have imagined conscious AI coming online. The premise of the story is that there’s a company that has created these digital pets, kind of like Tamagotchis, or Neopets if you remember those, and these pets live in this online realm, and, crucially, they learn. Allison: Mima that was two years ago, why didn’t you say anything? The first one is for computer scientists: Charles: Which is coming up with fast approximate solutions to fundamentally exponential and hard problems Rose: The second is for not-computer scientists: Charles: AI is the art and science of making computers act the way they do in the movies, right, so we tend to have this way of projecting intelligence onto things in the movies and having computers do magical things.Throughout the story, we see these digital entities, called digients, become more and more aware of their surroundings, more and more conscious, and we watch the humans that made them grapple with that. Mima: I have read many stories about what humans do when they become scared of computers. And what we really want to do is we want to build machines that act like we wish they would act and the way we imagine they act in our fantasies on screen.

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