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I have not had good morning wood since I stopped the porn and masturbation which i read is normal from articles written by doctors.the first few days were pretty difficult to get past.

Guys, I battled this addiction for almost 10 years! If you have any questions, feel free to address me on the forum or send me a private message.I m worried cause I think I m still young to have physical cause for ED. hey thanks for posting again to let me know the discussion is still alive.I have been reading here for afew days and was thinking about posting and telling my story but wasn't sure if it was still going because no one posted in a while. around 3 or 4 even from a neighbor boy and it was something that got my attention.I would even be willing to speak with you on the phone as I have with other members who seek advice. Do Sat kriya, a simple breathing like panting (breathless type) Find details in Google.You may be interested to see a website in google under the heading -breath to Orgasm- and in particular read anniesprinkle org website. For man there is another version, we have to look for it. Google for groin exercises and you will find many which are really useful.

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but I am very strong willed so I refused to do anything because the problem I Have read should only be temporary until the brain gets wired back to normal. but today when I was talking with the girl who I will soon meet, we did talk about some naughty things a bit and I got pretty excited.

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