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Sting's fellow laureate for this year's awards is musician and composer Wayne Shorter from Newark, New Jersey.Jazz star Wayne, 83, has worked with legends such as Miles Davis and Joni Mitchell. When Rebekka Armstrong was 18 she graced the pages of Playboy as a playmate.

She has been flying since 2001 and flying commercially for the last 10 years and likes to relax by practicing yoga wherever she can. The Polar Music Prize is Sweden's biggest music award and is typically shared by a pop artist and a classical musician.It was founded in 1989 by the late Stig Anderson, manager of Swedish pop group ABBA.This trend is becoming more and more apparent in Canada, where there is now “a classier Tinder” app (their words, not ours) called Hinge that connects you only to friends of your friends, based on your qualifications of a potential dream date, just like the way a real friend would set you up with someone.They said this measure increases the chance of compatibility.

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  2. Being a marathoner or an animal activist may be the most profound and meaningful experience on earth for those who share your passion, yet they’re kind of rough on the 99% who don’t.